Incorporated in March 2019

About VisionCtrl

VisionCTRL Africa believes in the power of social entrepreneurship, technology and Africapitalism as vital tools for the positive transformation of the African economy, creating solutions to social problems such as Poverty, Lack of Quality Education, Lack of good housing infrastructure and  unemployment, with an emphasis on the creation of platforms and opportunities to foster the freedom and safety of every African to dream, build and become valuable members of their communities.

Our mission

At VisionCTRL Africa, we are on a mission to drive Africa’s sustainable and innovative socio-economic development, improving businesses and leveraging entrepreneurship, design and technology, creating panaceas to poverty, lack of quality education, poor social infrastructures and unemployment.


VisionCTRL Africa was founded by Mr Owumi David in November 2018, and finally incorporated in March 2019. VisionCTRL Africa was born out of a need for sustainable development and socio-economic growth in Africa.


It was observed that entreprenuership and adoption of modern technologicy was on the rise in the continent, and we saw an opportunity to leverage these, i.e. entrapreneurship and technology, to drive this new narrative of sustainability.